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All-Natural Wool Socks. We’re committed to providing our customers with high quality, all-natural wool socks, supported by exceptional customer service, with an emphasis on respecting the natural environment through sustainable agricultural practices. Life on a working sheep farm has taught us that one must wear clothing that is functional and not necessarily trendy. The crops and the animals need attention every day regardless of the weather nature sends. We learned that we needed better socks!

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Alpaca Wool

Alpaca fleece is soft, durable, and silky. The fibers are similar in size to our Merino wool, but they are mostly hollow, whereas sheep’s wool has pockets of air. It is the air pockets that trap heat, so alpaca fleece can be perceived as being warmer than Merino.

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Yak Wool

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Angora rabbit Wool

Angora wool is a very fluffy and luxurious fabric that comes from Angora rabbits. Angora is considered a luxury fiber alongside mohair and cashmere, and it is a popular wool for spinners and knitters alike.


Please feel free to call us directly at (412) 445-2257, or send us an email, if you have any questions about our wool socks, about our farm, or upcoming trade shows.


Jim and I Love, Love, LOVE your wool sox and your Alpaca sox!! I don’t want to wear any other sox in the wintertime but yours! Both of us – whether hiking or hunting – our feet remain completely dry and warm.
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