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Hello! My name is Leslee Schwirian. My husband and I dream of having a sheep farm for many years, but during our young marriage the careers and newborns kept us moving from place to place. In between moves, we were searching, searching for the sense of peace and pride that comes with owning farmland.

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The Woollow Sheep farm Located in southwestern Pennsylvania

A Few Words About

Our Jouney

Our dreams were fulfilled in 1994 when we were blessed with an 80 acre farm in the rolling Appalachian hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. Enthusiasm and energy built the beginnings of a symbiotic partnership between humans and heartland. Our humble beginnings included four sheep and two horses on the farm. Our three children learned to love the outdoors and shared their experiences in organized groups such as Boy Scouts of America and local 4-H clubs. Golden sunflower fields and grazing sheep taught our children cultivation, production, and livestock. These are lessons not taught in a classroom, but with dirty hands and muddy boots. They may have complained while sweat and sawdust littered their faces, but they look back now with fond memories of the farm life. The farm has grown significantly since the four sheep and two horses took refuge twenty years ago. We now specialize in raising a growing flock of Texel and Texel cross sheep. Our eldest daughter, Laura, learned to shear as a teenager and found her workload increases after each lambing season. After shearing, I clean and card the wool to use in pillows and quilts. Each new lambing season brings a sense of joy and excitement to spring, with optimistic expectations for the year. At the end of the day, we look out at the flocks peacefully grazing and we are reminded to not let go of dreams or aspirations. The work on the farm is evidence of the cyclical pattern of nature and a constant reminder to create a better existence than when we came.

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Please feel free to call us directly at (412) 445-2257, or send us an email, if you have any questions about our wool socks, about our farm, or upcoming trade shows.


Jim and I Love, Love, LOVE your wool sox and your Alpaca sox!! I don’t want to wear any other sox in the wintertime but yours! Both of us – whether hiking or hunting – our feet remain completely dry and warm.
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