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Welcome to Woollow!

Knee-Length Hiking/Hunting Socks

Wool Hiking & Hunting Socks – Knee Length

All-Natural Wool Socks. We’re committed to providing our customers with high quality, all-natural wool socks, supported by exceptional customer service, with an emphasis on respecting the natural environment through sustainable agricultural practices.

Life on a working sheep farm has taught us that one must wear clothing that is functional and not necessarily trendy. The crops and the animals need attention every day regardless of the weather nature sends. We learned that we needed better socks!

Nothing beats all natural wool socks for Warmth, Softness, and Comfort.

Wool Socks Designed by a Podiatrist

As a Podiatrist, I knew what materials and composition would best meet our needs, but we were unable to find what we wanted, so we set out to make our own. We thought that other people might be looking for quality, all-natural wool socks Made in the USA as well.

All natural wool socks heel detail

Heel Detail

All natural wool socks inside toe seam detail

Toe Seam Detail

All natural wool socks heel and ankle detail

Heel and Ankle Detail

All natural wool socks top detail

Top Detail

We believe that natural wool fibers have all the advantages over synthetics with the exception of cost, and even there wool has the advantage: wool socks may cost more up-front, but they are cheaper over time because wool is so durable.

Our socks begin with a 100% natural wool fiber from several animal sources, (alpaca, sheep,  yak, camel, and goats).  We add only enough nylon and lycra to allow the sock to conform to your foot, and also to prevent shrinkage.


Questions? Please feel free to call us directly at (412) 445-2257, or send us an email, if you have any questions about our wool socks, about our farm, or upcoming trade shows.